Monday, June 4, 2012

Episode 120 - The Flipped Classroom

This week we talked about the idea of flipping the classroom.  After having read an article about it in the May ISTE Leading and Learning magazine, we decided to tackle the topic ourselves.  Luckily, Jon Bergmann, originator of the flipped classroom, was able to join us.  

The audio archive is here.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever find a solution to your daughter, Ali's slow processing? I found your blog from 2008 when preparing for a conference with my daughter's school tomorrow. She's in all honors, can do all her algebra at home on black and white paper, but is failig algebra (tests are on the computer). She has a occular muscular problem just discovered mid-year that prompted the doc to write to the school for modifications. They did none, she is failing, but they say she doesn't qualify for an IEP or help in honors classes because she's too smart. The doc said she's had this vision problem her whole life, but smart kids can compensate until high school. I haven't found any case history of children in honors classes being allowed modifications and was wondering if you had been successful in your fight. A former teacher, current mother, and disappointed tax payer.