Sunday, March 15, 2009

Episode 29 - How Much Time Do We Spend On Schoolwork Outside of the School Day?

This week's show focused on the amount of time educators spend on schoolwork outside of the school day. We talked about professional development time, student connection time, and planning time, as well as time spent on "assignments" given us by the district. Lisa Parisi, Maria Knee, and Sheila Adams were joined by Kathleen Casterline and Deven Black.

The audio and chat can be found here.

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lnitsche said...

As always, I certainly enjoyed the conversation. As passionate as I am about teaching and learning, it never fails to amaze me when I interact with educators who what to be able to do their job within the hours that the contract specifies and are dismayed that it requires more of them. This blogpost that I found later today, Discovering Work Life Balance, after the show presents a completely different view:
Then featheredflower tweeted me aother good read, Serious Laughter: Live a Happier, Healthier, More Productive Life:
It is so wonderful to join in your conversation and to also continue the conversation. Here's to finding the balance for each of us!